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Working with AI

Hi, I'm Jonas. Founder and Coach at Slow Works.
I'm working on a new project looking at how we interact with technology and AI, and how we can find and realize our human potential in a world driven by AI and automation.
This survey is to hear about your experience with technology and how it's shaped your work and life and looks forward into the brave new world of AI.
You can complete the survey in as little as 60 seconds, a little longer if you choose to answer the open questions in detail.
All respondents will get a follow up with the outcomes of the survey.
If you fancy sharing even more of your story, I'm looking for 10 people to do a 1:1 interview talking about your experiences with AI and how technology has changed how work. Each interviewee will get the opportunity to have a 30-minute coaching session on their topic of choice, totally for free. You can opt-in for a 1:1 interview at the end of the survey, if you fancy a chat.