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Community Pulse Check 🩺

At Troop Labs 🫡 we're on a mission to unlock better collaboration for communities. We want to bring together community builders and active members to find out best practices and use the collective knowledge to make tools that actually work.
This is a self-assessment questionnaire that will help you understand your community, while helping us diagnose the problems and behaviours that communities have. We will pick a few of you to make a call
Feel free to fill it multiple times if you're part of multiple communities (more points for you!).
Filling it will take 10-15 minutes, but it will help you understand your community better, and brainstorm ideas to improve it!

General Questions

What's your name?

What's your community's name?

What's your community's website? (If you don't have one, link a whatever you see fit (Twitter, Linktree, etc...)

What's the purpose of your community?

What categories does your community fit in?

What categories does your community fit in?

How big is your community?