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Add your project to the data set

Answering the survey should take about 15–20 minutes.

About the Public Interest AI data set

In recent years, many projects have emerged across the globe that are defined by their initiators as “AI for the social good”, “AI for the common good” or “AI in the public interest”. The goal of this survey is to provide answers to the question of what these terms actually mean. The resulting data set will furthermore feed an interactive global map of public interest AI projects.

Who is behind this survey?

The survey is being conducted by the Public Interest AI Research Group at Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG).

What is it about?

As a research group focussed on public interest AI, we provide a working definition of what it means for an AI-system to be designed and deployed in the public interest (to learn about it, see here). Secondly, our research group develops AI projects that follow this goal. Thirdly, we want to provide evidence based insights on how the idea of public interest AI is being realised in practice around the world, and how understanding of the concept differs across the field. There is a lack of accumulated and detailed data on public interest AI projects, including their specific objectives, methods, and frameworks. That is the reason for this survey.

How will the data set be used?

The survey results will help foster research on public interest AI projects, demonstrate their self-understanding, and provide publicly accessible data about them to the broader public. The information gathered from the survey will be transmitted to a publicly available global map that displays information about every project submitted. The answers given in the survey will be published later as a public research data set on a public research repository.
We thank you for your participation,
Public Interest AI Research Group