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Alliance Map Submission Form

The Alliance Map (developed and maintained by the FracTracker Alliance and Halt the Harm Network displays information about organizations that are actively working on oil and gas issues around the country.
Once approved, you will get a notification and your organization will appear in the map embedded at and
To contact us, email [email protected]

Organization or Campaign Listing

Complete as many fields as possible to create a high-quality listing in the Alliance Map and increase the chance of a connection. Someone at HHN will review and help complete any other details before adding to the map.

What is the name of the organization or campaign you'd like to add?

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What issues does this organization work on?

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Upload a file here to be used in your listing. Tip: You can save logo files from websites and social media profiles by right clicking, then selecting "save image".


Just a paragraph or two about your group. If you want us to copy/paste a description from your website just let us know.

Email List Signup

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Links, etc...

We'd love to help people learn about your work and direct them to your website or other links. Please provide anything here that you would like us to share about your organization.
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