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Mentalyc Potential Partner Evaluation Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey to help us determine if your platform and content align with Mentalyc's goals and vision. Your responses will provide valuable insights for a potential partnership. Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Mentalyc. Our team will review your responses and get back to you soon to discuss potential collaboration opportunities.



Website/Platform(s) (please provide links):

Primary focus of your content (e.g., mental health, therapy, personal development, etc.):

Approximate number of followers/subscribers on your main platform(s):

Target audience (e.g., therapists, mental health professionals, individuals seeking therapy, etc.):

Describe your approach to creating content (e.g., educational, conversational, personal, etc.):

Have you previously collaborated with other companies or organizations? If so, please provide a brief description of the collaboration:

How do you think a partnership with Mentalyc can benefit your audience and enhance your content?

Please provide any additional information or ideas about a potential collaboration that you think would be relevant and valuable: