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BNB Chain Zero2hero Hackathon - CARV Panel Registry

Hello builder!
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We are pleased to have you here, expecting the commencement of the BNB Chain Zero2hero Hackathon.
More details can be found in this article:

CARV is building a credential infrastructure focused on gaming, enabling gamers with seamless credential-based gaming experiences, and empowering games with data-driven intelligence. And we'll be sharing knowledge of tooling usage and experience in web3 gaming products in a livestream co-hosted by BNB Chain.
By pre-registry, you'll be able to receive
1) an exclusive package of guides beforehand the competition
2) an indoor recap after that
3) priority in prize distribution
Time: April 26th, 3:00 - 3:45pm CET
Venue to be disclosed

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A brief about yourself (technology stack, preference of product, why we should pay extra attention to you during the Hackathon etc)

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