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InkBlot Volunteer Community Events Helper Application

Note: This will require an Interview with our Community Manager, Xen! This will be scheduled at your convenience but a call will be necessary to move forward in the application process. The first step will consist of a chat-based conversation with our Community Assistant Manager, Rose, via Discord.

InkBlot Volunteer Community Helper Work Description

Position Details

Job Type


Remote Volunteer

Full Job Description

Job Title: Community Events Helper

Location: Remote

Requirements: -Preferred working experience with teams/volunteering

-Access to Computer and Reliable internet

InkBlot is a social platform for creatives, supporters and those looking to discover new works! We have all the features you are familiar with from other social channels— combined into one creator-friendly platform, with a focus on community. Creatives need to connect with each other and potential supporters alike, now more than ever. Without frustrating, seemingly randomized algorithms or the need to utilize multiple platforms for basic features, InkBlot will be your platform to grow, build, and discover. This is a website for art lovers, musicians, writers, artists, all in-between, striving to help preserve the joy of making and discovering art in all forms.

We are looking for a remote volunteer community helper with our Community events Team. This role can possibly be in charge of working with our team to organize, create and help with platform events centered around InkBlot’s community. Areas of focus will be event organizing on platform and/or the Discord OR Discord moderation. Volunteers will get to choose which work they do/focus on. The community events team has the important duty of helping to create and foster InkBlot’s community in creative and inclusive ways for users from all over the world. We are looking for individuals that represent our community and have a passion to develop and nurture a community space like InkBlot.

General Responsibilities & Requirements

- Work with team for clear communication to user base via Discord and/or Slack
- Attend team meetings virtually once a month
- Speak with Staff with any issues, questions or concerns
- Good time management skills
- Good Communications skills
- Access to wifi and computer with microphone
General Expectations: 
- Adhere to good data compliance and security measures for the company
- All communication with users will be done through team channels and accounts
- Expected minimum of 4 hours per month
- Attention to Detail
- Time management
- Collaboration
- Multi-tasking