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European Visual Practitioners (EVP) Community Survey

Shaping our community – with YOUR input

Dear Visual Practitioner,

No doubt, we are in a process of change.

Four years ago the European Visual Practitioner (EVP) core team reached out to the community with a survey. Since then the pandemic has changed the way we meet and are in touch with each other. The EVP community as a whole and we all personally have evolved in the last years.

We also are in a process of re-invention, re-connection and building of a structure for the EVP community and organization that is sustainable and relates to your needs.

We aim to better understand your situation as a European Visual Practitioner at this moment. We wonder: Who is in the community? What is your context? What do you need?

You can help us tremendously with your input through this survey. It will take 10-15 min. And we would be more than happy if you share it with other Visual Practitioners as well to help gather diverse perspectives.

🧡 Thank you.


The EVP Core Team

Claudia, Maaike, Esther, Eveline, Brechtje, Jens