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Senior Frontend Developer

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Tell us a bit more about yourself

How many years of experience working with React do you have?

Which of the following techniques did you use for state management?

Which of the following techniques did you use for state management?

Which one of above state managements you liked more and why?

Experience with Graphic creation (e.g Canvas, GSAP, ThreeJS)?

Do you have an example of animation/graphics you've created with above techniques? Feel free to share a link

Do you have experience working with AWS (e.g. Amplify, Lambda)?

Experience with Backend development (e.g. Python, NodeJS)?

What techniques have you used to do performance optimization for web applications, especially those involving media-rich content like video/image?

What's your English speaking level?

What is your monthly salary expectation (NGN, ₦)?

Tell us why you are interested in this position and what makes you the perfect candidate?

What is the most impressive thing you built?

Is there any project you want to share with us?

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What is your earliest starting date

Anything else we should know?

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