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Merkl: ALM onboarding

This form is meant to facilitate the integration of your ALM into the Merkl system. Please fill it to the best of your abilities, and let us know if anything is unclear or can be improved.
How does it work? In a few words, rewards streaming through Merkl are distributed per address. When onboarding an ALM, we split rewards accruing to the ALM’s vault contract according to the balance of holders of the ALM vault ERC20 token.
If your ALM solution is supported for an AMM on a given chain, it does not mean that it is supported for similar AMMs on the same chain or for the same AMM on another chain. A Merkl ALM integration is valid for a given (AMM, chain) pair.


- The Vault contracts of your system need to be ERC20 tokens
- All your vaults need to be deployed by a Factory contract, so it can be picked up by the system.
- An event needs to be emitted when a new Vault is deployed
- All the Vault and Factory contracts need to be verified on Etherscan
- Vault contract needs to have a view function giving their associated pool address
- At least one Vault should be deployed (and in range) with at least $30 deposited.


What is your protocol name?

What is the AMM on which you want your ALM solution to be supported?

Select the chain on which you want your system to be supported

Select the chain on which you want your system to be supported

Paste your Factory ABI below

Paste your Vault contract ABI below: