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Waitlist for 1:1 Advising

About GLBSales Inc.

How we can help
We advise forward-thinking global b2b companies on how to find, close, and retain their first US-based clients.
We help with go-to-market strategy, virtual selling, strategic hiring, tech stack consolidation, and American business culture.
Who it's for
All international founders and go-to-market teams are welcome here!
About 80% of our clients are coming from the following industries: Computer Software, Marketing and Advertising, Information Technology and Services, Business Consulting, Staffing and Recruiting.
Where we are located
GLBSales Inc. is an advising firm with an HQ in New York (registered in Delaware).
Kiryl Melnichenka is the Founder and GTM Advisor at GLBSales Inc.
For personal inquiries
Please reach out to me on Instagram and I will do my best to response quickly.
For business inquiries
Please fill out the form and we will reply on telegram if we can help.
Due to the high demand, we can only respond to 1-2 requests per week.
P.S. New website is coming soon.

What is your First and Last Name?

What is your role?

What is your company website?

Note: GLBSales Inc. will only provide advising services to registered companies.

What country is your company HQ?

What is your Annual Revenue?

What is your Average Sales Value?

What is your Average Sales Cycle?

How many people work at your company?

Do you have a go-to-market team?

Note: Usually go-to-market team has sales and marketing folks.
Do you have a go-to-market team?

Which CRM do you use?

Which CRM do you use?