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Apply for a Gutsy Radio Show

Thank you for your interest in becoming a DJ on Gutsy Radio. We are interested in an eclectic mix of programming which could include music specialty shows, live performance, spoken word, talk, or experiments. Shows are generally 2 hours and weekly, but if the show or person is right we will consider different formats.
Please take a look at our current schedule and see if there is a time slot labeled OPEN that would work for your show. Note that all shows are 2 hours and generally once every 4 weeks or once every 2 weeks.
Finally, in order for you to DJ on Gutsy Radio you must have a computer (Windows or Apple) and a reliable WIFI connection. DJs are required to provide their own library of MP3 files with accurate metadata for all music played on air. Outside of that, you curate your own show however you like as long as you refrain from hate speech and slander. We want our DJs to be excited and passionate about broadcasting.
If you have questions about this setup, please email us.

Your name

Your email address

State / location will you broadcast from

Describe your experience/interest in radio or music

Describe the show you are proposing

Provide a link to a DJ set you have done (Mixcloud, Soundcloud, etc.) or a playlist (Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc.) of 30 songs you would use for a show

How did you hear about Gutsy Radio