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Please fill out this application to be considered for The Futurist's 4 Minute Mile podcast, hosted by Arooj Sheikh. This form should take 3-5 minutes.

About The Podcast

Imagine explaining the concept of a cell phone to someone from just a few hundred years ago. Or the idea of a gym -- that we have now evolved to sit around all day and spend our hard-earned dollars to engage in physical labor, in what looks like heavy machinery to work specific muscles in our body. Or that we can now control the weather, albeit only inside of the little boxes we live in (i.e., air conditioning).

If you dropped someone from 100 years ago into today’s world of technology, they would think it was  (and, maybe a bit comical). Projecting forward with this awareness, it’s clear that the future holds incredible potential and possibilities beyond our current imagination.

At the end of the day, it comes down to this: Everything around us was once just a thought -- an idea brought to life through the conviction of an entrepreneur or inventor. We look around at our world to see all the ways that science fiction comes to life. All by asking a simple question... what if?

The phenomenon of the 4-minute mile reminds us that limitations are often self-imposed -- and it's the reminder we all need as entrepreneurs as we embark on our own journeys. Exceptional entrepreneurs don’t just exceed existing limitations – they transform the sense of what’s achievable and set the new benchmark in their fields.

At The Futurist's 4 Minute Mile Podcast, we highlight the stories of entrepreneurs building futuristic technologies challenging what we believe to be possible. As we explore areas such as artificial intelligence, automation, renewable energy, space exploration, longevity, and more, we follow our north star of building a more abundant and optimistic version of the future for all.

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We have a prestigious event coming up that could bring signficant visibility to interviewees, so we'd appreciate guests that are open to record on short notice. However, if your schedule doesn't permit, fear not -- complete the form, and we'll connect for a future episode!
Are you available to hop on an interview by Friday, January 5th?

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