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Legion: The first Web3.0 Investment & OTC Platform Legion created the first-ever Web3.0 platform introducing an Investment & OTC marketplace, revolutionizing the venture capital landscape for retail investors and unlocking liquidity in private investments.
Building on:

Product Demo

Overcoming Challenges:
1. Limited Access to early-stage investments:
👉 Democratised access to premium deals
2. Lack of liquidity for investors:
👉 Unprecedented liquidity via our OTC marketplace
Token Utility:
🔸Revenue sharing: Eligible to earn passive income from the Community Fund through staking
🔸Transaction Fees: Staking your $LEGION tokens will unlock discounts when trading on the platform
🔸Continuous Burning: Tokens used for fees are automatically burned, reducing the supply over time
🔸Earn Rewards: Performing social or learning tasks will be rewarded
Check out our Traction:
➡️ 5k+ registered users
➡️ 500+ executed orders
➡️ 80k-strong community across socials
➡️ 200K website visits & 1M+ impressions
✔️ Finceptor (confirmed)
✔️ SuperLauncher (confirmed)
✔️ Paragen (confirmed)
✔️ YAY Network (confirmed) ✔️ ChainGPT (in discussions)
Market Maker:
🟢 Acheron
Our Impressive Track Record:
🔸 160+ successful investments
🔸 12,000+ investors
🔸 Deployed $13M, distributed $9M
🔸 Network growth with VCs, exchanges, and projects
🔸 Impeccable security record
🔸 Unique Investment & OTC marketplace
🔸 Generated $1.3M+ revenue

Funding Rounds

• Seed Round: 4% - Oversubscribed
Price: $0.005
Unlock: 10% unlock at TGE, 1 month cliff, then linear vesting for 6 Months
Valuation: $5m
Total Raise: $200k
• Private Round: 19% - Open
Price: $0.008
Unlock: 15% unlock at TGE, 1 month cliff, then linear vesting for 6 Months
Valuation: $8m
Total Raise: $1.52m
• KOL Round: 4.5% - Oversubscribed
Price: $0.010
Unlock: 20% unlock at TGE, then linear vesting for 4 Months
Valuation: $10m
Total Raise: $450k
• Public Round: 5% - Oversubscribed
Price: $0.012
Unlock: 100% unlock at TGE
Valuation: $12m
Total Raise: $600k
1. Telegram Handle
2. E-mail
3. Requested allocation size
4. How can you support the Legion?