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Executive Assistant: Corporate Circuit Commander

Think you can keep up with the fast-paced, no-holds-barred world of EXE.EYES? We're on the hunt for an Executive Assistant who's not just another paper-pusher. You'll be the backbone of our operation, the glue that holds the chaos together.


• Experience in an executive support role (and lived to tell the tale).
• MS Office suite is your second language.
• Communication skills that can make even the grumpiest client smile.
• Multitasking isn't a skill; it's your superpower.
• Adapt and pivot in a dynamic role.
• Be a virtuoso with project management tools like ClickUp.
• Be comfortable with a variety of tech tools and software, and eager to learn new ones.
• Navigate CRM software like it's your hometown.
• Manage our social platforms, engage with our audience, and keep our digital presence sparkling.

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How did you hear about this job?

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