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Autopix + Carweb Integration

This agreement lays out the terms of usage and costs for our integration with Carweb.
The integration is available for existing Autopix and Carweb users. If you do not have an account with Autopix you can simply download our app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


The following outlines our 3 available packages, with the small package being automatically selected for every user:

Small Package

Up to 250 images per month - 249 NOK (per month)

Medium Package

Up to 400 images per month - 349 NOK (per month)

Large Package

Up to 650 images per month - 499 NOK (per month)

Terms & Conditions

If your usage goes above the Small Package, then you will be automatically upgraded to the next size package.
If your image amounts are greater than our "Large Package" then you will be charged a standard 1 NOK for each image you send over 650 per month.
For example if you send 700 images, you will be charged for the "Large Package" at 499 NOK and 1 NOK for each image over the large package. So, 499 NOK (package) plus 50 NOK (extra images) a total of 549 NOK for the month.

Invoice Terms

A: Invoice Interval: Autopix AS will issue invoices at the start of each calendar month for the previous months usage;
B: Payment Terms: Invoices are to be paid within 10 days of being issued;
C: Method of Payment: Autopix AS accept Direct ‘Bank to Bank’ Transfer with EHF.
Autopix AS will include the Carweb integration costs in your standard monthly invoice. All invoices issued will include the total amount of images sent per month.

Term & Termination

Both Parties may terminate this agreement by giving one (1) months written notice to the other Party.
Autopix AS shall provide three (3) months written notice with any price changes or updates to the above details.


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