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Celebrating Podcast Cover Art

It's a project to for original podcast art around the world.
Podcasts aren't just audio - they're an experience.
Share your cover art using the form below and we'll post it here - @podcast_cover_art
Already over 150 podcasters from the USA, Brazil, UK, Spain, Australia and New Zealand have been featured.
It's free and easy!
“One of my favourite new instagram accounts!” - Arielle, founder of EarBuds Podcast Collective
And I'm Courtney, a podcast producer based in Melbourne Australia.
Thanks for sharing your great artwork! 🖼️

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In a couple of sentences, tell us the story behind the cover art of your podcast? What influenced the design? This will be in the caption.

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Upload your cover art here - must be square and min 1080px

Nice work! Thanks for contributing :)

We'll send an automated confirmation that it's all been received.
Then another one when we've posted your artwork (which might be on IG)