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Evaluate your level of fatigue and prevent burnout.

Working in the humanitarian sector implies to face many challenges: to difficult living conditions, pressure related to the workload, the absence of distractions sometimes and health & safety risks… Moreover, the work culture in the sector encourages such self-sacrifice that it is difficult not to dedicate oneself to the task body and soul... Finally, due to the privatisation of organisations now in competition on "the humanitarian market", conflicts of values are frequent between aspirations, ideals and the compromises with which we have to deal on a daily basis.
In short, in the long run, there are many risks to become disillusioned.
Disenchantment is by definition the loss of illusions or, in my opinion, the loss of meaning that occurs before burnout. Becoming aware of this wear and tear means preventing the mental and psychic suffering that it can cause and making the right decisions before burnout steps in.
Often addicted to work, stunned by an altered relationship with time, it is easy to let yourself be carried away and no longer make choices by yourself but rather according to work opportunities...

This questionnaire, far from claiming to be scientific, aims to help you take this step back so that you can stay in your environment with full awareness or decide to change it.

Good reflection.