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Get your business, website, tool or app in-front of thousands of subscribers who read our newsletter and visit our website every month.
What is
Internet Is Beautiful is a free weekly newsletter where we share the most interesting, useful and awesome websites from the depths of the internet.
Our audience consists of 7,000+ email subscribers who read our free newsletter every week, and thousands of people who visit the website every month, and these are mostly startup founders, designers, developers, tech enthusiasts and early adopters. Some useful stats:
- 7,000 + subscribers - 50% average open rate - 30% average click rate
Advertisers can choose the duration of their sponsorship, starting with 4 weeks with a maximum of 12 weeks.
We're happy to provide custom quotes for sponsorships lasting 12+ weeks.
What do you get with sponsorships? ✅ Minimum of 4 sponsored newsletters delivered to 7,000+ email subscribers You'll be the sole primary sponsor in each newsletter you sponsorYour featured image, description + link at the top of the newsletter
Your investment options #1. Basic - $999 (4 sponsored newsletter issues)
#2. Pro - $1,699 (8 sponsored newsletter issues)
#3. Premium - $2,499 (12 sponsored newsletter issues)