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NFA Landing Page Submission

You have been invited to participate in Next Found Artist's Launch. Our goal is to democratize every aspect of film development starting with the distribution. For this form we are looking to get promotional information so we can build a landing page to promote our platform and your film.


Q: Will NFA have ownership of my content?
A: No.
Q: Is NFA an exclusive platform?
A: No! Feel free to submit your film regardless of premiere status or existing availability.
Q: Can I submit more than 1 film?
A: You can submit more than 1, but for the launch we are only selecting one film per filmmaker per week.
Q: Are you going to be making money off our work? A: We hope that both of us do! We will be launching with a flexible pay-per-view model and an artist friendly split.
Want to learn more or have questions, we'd love to connect! email: [email protected]

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Name/Point of Contact


Filmmaker/Production Company

e.g: A24, Christopher Nolan, Pixar

Type of Content

e.g: Episodic, Feature, Short, Documentary, Stand Up special etc

Name of Content

Run Time



Film Tags

One of the core principles of NFA is to recognize and create a space for all art. To accomplish this, discovery will be based on Tags. We encourage the usage of granular tags, but can be as broad as "Comedy" or as specific as "Sapphic", "Stand Up Comedy", or "Mental Health (Anxiety)". As a filmmaker this is your chance to define what audiences you want to see your work. Please include between 5 and 10 Tags.

Promotional Image

This will be what we use to promote your film on our website. Should be a large landscape image.

Awards / Festivals

Link to trailer

Link to film

This is for our viewing only and will not be released publicly. We will be reaching back out with more details on how to submit the film files for our public launch.
Cast and Crew

Social Handles
Please share the inspiration behind the film
Get to know your artist!
We will follow up requesting for additional marketing materials such as BTS photos, Head Shots, Intro Video, and MP4/MOV of the film!