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⏱: Your startup in a sentence 🛗: An elevator pitch 💼: A business model suggestion
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What problem does your project solve? An accurate description addresses both the need and the lack of a relevant solution today.

Uber, at their outset, would have answered:

"People need an available and immediate shuttle service, but today the market is dominated by traditional taxi companies that offer heavy, complicated service and long waiting times."

Describe your startup in a few steps
If you have more than one audience, split your answer accordingly.

🎯Describe the one most central and valuable process in the product.

🎯Describe it as a flow of actions a potential user may do.

Google, at their outset, would have answered:

"1)The user wants to know when the French Revolution occurred 2)The user opens Google 3)The user searches for the relevant topic 4)The user gets the information he was looking for."

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