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The FEW Retreat Registration


We look forward to you joining us for The FEW: Family Enterprise Retreat.

When: September 17th - September 20th, 2024

Where: At the Hyatt Centric Austin in downtown Austin, TX

Please complete the information below to register.

First Name

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The FEW is an emergent community designed to be a safe space for women to candidly share your triumphs and tribulations in a private, confidential, no-judgment setting. Women may share personal and private information about themselves, their families, family relationships and business interests, finances, and other matters.

To protect everyone's privacy, we ask that you agree to hold in the strictest confidence all information that you learn about others during the retreat and any subsequent FEW gatherings or groups.

Please indicate your acceptance of the following Confidentiality Agreement by your "Yes" or "No" response below.

Confidentiality Agreement

I understand that any information shared during this program is confidential and private, and is not to be disclosed or discussed outside the program. “What happens and is said in the program stays in the program.”

By registering to participate in the program, I agree to abide by this Confidentiality Agreement and to respect the confidentiality and privacy of each program participant, staff member, and guest.

I further agree not to record either audio or video of any program session or activity.

I also agree that if I violate this Confidentiality Agreement, I may be prohibited from participating further in the program and in The FEW community. If I am prohibited from participating further, I understand and agree that I will not be entitled to any reimbursement, rebate, or reduction of my program investment.

Confidentiality Agreement