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CARV Guardian Program Application

We will temporarily close and screen all the second-batch applications at August.13 12AM UTC. Please submit prior to this time.🥸

Your Discord handle?

Active CARVers will have a higher chance to get selected. Join 👉CARV Discord

Your Twitter handle?

Follow @carv_official to get the latest updates about the guardian programs.

Your wallet address that bound with

Better provide BEP-20 wallet address for receiving $ARC & USDT

What language(s) can you speak?

What language(s) can you speak?

What role do you want to take?

What role do you want to take?

We want to know you better!

What motivates you to become a CARV guardian?

Any other thing you'd like us to know so that it raises your chance to become a guardian?

Previous experience, secret talents, etc.

Any suggestions you like to give CARV team?

Who recommend you to be a CARV guardian?

Provide that guardian's Discord handle, including #