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Skill Evaluation Request

This form is a REQUEST and does not guarantee your requested time for the Skill Evaluation at Shine Fitness Studio. A member of the Shine team will reach out to discuss your request and confirm the booking.

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What level are you currently?

Definition of Shine's Levels
Level 1: This level is for students who have little to no prior experience. You are learning how to get into basic shapes and might need a few reminders along the way. You are working on proper form, getting in and out of shapes. You are not working on inverts yet.
Level 2: This level is for students who have some prior experience. You have learned proper hand placements and techniques in the apparatus. You know basic conditioning exercises and how to perform them with no reminders. You are ready to start learning more complex shapes and inverts. You no longer need reminders about how to transition in and out of level 1 shapes and can perform short combos safely.
Level 3: This level is for students with ample experience. You can invert multiple times without jumping. You have mastered the ins and outs of level 1 and level 2 shapes and can achieve these with ease. You are ready to start perfecting your straight-leg inverts and your aerial inverts. You can string together longer combos and are ready to learn more difficult shapes and dynamic movements.
Level 4: This level is for students who have tested out of all levels. You can fulfill multiple aerial inverts and have control over your apparatus. You have met the strength requirements for more complex sequences that may have fewer points of contact. You know the dynamics of your apparatus and how it reacts along with your body's movement.

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