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the coexist template gallery is made by parents, therapists, pet lovers, interior designers, and others in the community! we love hearing your ideas and review each submission with so much care and attention.
guidelines to keep in mind before you submit:
1. make your template differentiated and useful. have a clear audience in mind, and write what will help them.
2. don't be offensive, don't plagiarize, and check your spelling.
thank you and we're excited to read your submission!

give your template a title (keep this short)

give your template a description (also keep this short)

share your template! (stick to 250-400 words and use [ ] for checkboxes and * for bullet points.)

add a photo? (if you don't, we'll pick one for you. make sure you own the rights to the pic if you submit one.)

any related professional/academic credentials or a business? (add any relevant links if so)