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Agora Beta Demo Feedback

Hello Beautiful Souls! 🌟 We're excited to introduce you to the beta version of Agora's revamped platform, envisioned for discerning fashion enthusiasts like you. 

To learn more about what we're building, please start by checking out our description page HERE

✨ Please follow these steps to access the demo:

1️⃣ Embark on your journey at

2️⃣ You can select the free version or the paid using the Stripe Test Credit Card of all 4242 card numbers.

3️⃣ Shape your fashion compass by completing the style guide. 

4️⃣ Explore the mosaic of styles and artists, with links guiding you to their social realms and creations. 

5️⃣ Let your curiosity lead the way as you discover all the facets of our platform.

6️⃣ Come back to this questionnaire to continue.

Perks & Treasure:

Engage with our beta, and a 3 free months of subscription to Agora awaits you. Those delving deeper are in for additional surprises and exclusive artist giveaways. More perks are also available by providing more insight in our research phase! 

🎁 Learn more about our perks here.
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