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How can Fidato help your team ?

No buzz words, zero fluff and no corporate Jargon. 

You know your team performs better when it's better connected and employees feel heard. You know team members take initiative when they feel supported.
And most of all, you know you're in this game to invest in a team that stays with you for years and feels at home, not a series of roles being filled and left empty every few months disrupting productivity.
That's exactly where Fidato health comes in. A mental wellness partner not build for show or a tag to keep the company in good light. nope. A way for managers to secretly get what employees are saying about them? Nada
Just plain old access to quality therapy sessions for your team, wellness reporting and brutal insights for founders anonymously sourced from your very team. An insane way to spark conversations between members and all this curate only for early stage teams!
Built exclusively for teams between 8 and 50 members!

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