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3 Months Game Plan with Kevon Cheung

If you want to have me develop a full strategic plan to set up your online presence, including:
1. Conduct an audit of your current presence 2. Develop your new positioning, target audience, and niche & spiky point of view 3. Create a content strategy (topics, stories, frequency) 4. Build a system with consistency (tools, setup, integration)
Fill in the form below and I'll get back to you.
This program is 3 months x $500 = $1,500USD. Can pay in full or do 2 installments.



Your current presence

Describe where you are right now and include all the links (your website, Twitter, LinkedIn, anything else)

You need help with ...

Describe your biggest challenge(s) right now and what you'll like to achieve

Start date

When are you thinking to kick off this 3-month program?
Next, we will arrange a call to connect and answer any questions you have before we start the Game Plan.