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Roundtable: Reconciliation and First Nations - Healing Wounds, Receiving Gifts

The Event

What: Prayerful dialogue in the spirit of synodality on key topics relevant to the life and mission of the Church in the lead in to the Archdiocesan Assembly.

Who: Anyone seeking to explore the topic on reconciliation and the role of the Church in walking with First Nations peoples.

When: Saturday 20 July 2024, 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Where: St Christophers Pastoral Centre + Zoom

The Basics

The Archdiocese would love to remain connected with you in the lead in, and following on from, this Roundtable.
Complete the details below to support us continuing to walk together.




The Roundtable

We are planning to offer two options for leaders to engage in this Roundtable discussion.
The first is in-person at the St Christopher's Pastoral Centre, Manuka. The second is online via Zoom.

How are you attending The Roundtable?

How are you attending The Roundtable?

Do you have any dietary requirements?

Do you have any dietary requirements?

The Beginning

This Roundtable is more than a discussion amongst those engaged in the area of reconciliation and walking with First Nations peoples, it is an invitation to discern 'what seems good to us and the Holy Spirit.'
We ask that you reflect on the questions below that will give us some insight into where the Holy Spirit may be leading our time of reflection and discussion.

Where have you seen the Holy Spirit at work across the Archdiocese in the work towards reconciliation?

Where do you sense the Holy Spirit leading the Archdiocese in the area of walking with First Nations people?