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Our πŸ₯• carrot patch is under attack from pesky πŸ› bugs!

- Receive 1 🎫 raffle entry for every πŸ› bug that you find and report. - The more πŸ› bugs you find. The more 🎫 raffle entries you will have. The higher your chances of winning a πŸ† reward. - Fake πŸ› bugs will be disposed of and you will be ❌ disqualified from the hunt.
On the 1st Aug 2023 we will pick 3 bug hunt champions at random.
πŸ† Rewards
1st Place - πŸ₯• 3 2nd Place - πŸ₯• 2 3rd Place - πŸ₯• 1
No real πŸ› bugs are being harmed during this hunt.

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