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Add/Change entries at

- add only INDIVIDUAL tools or resources directly
- link to a readme/description page, not the file directly
- do not add pages like "My Plugins" or "Shop" where multiple tools are linked
- use ENGLISH language
Only tools and resources which were made directly for grandMA as the main focus will be added.
Apps which just support grandMA as a "side product" will not get listed here.
A tool made to import the patch from a visualizer will be added, but the visualizer itself will not be added.
Also, a configuration file for using Stream Deck with grandMA will be added, but Stream Deck / Companion itself will not.
For GitHub/GitLab/... please use a dedicated repository (or at lease a dedicated subfolder) for each plugin.
Hot-Links to single individual files (or direct download link to i. e. a zip file) will not be added.
This rules ensure a consistent user experience for everyone:
Find a plugin > Open the readme/info page of only that specific plugin > Download.
I'm maintaining this list manually, so I do not do recurring updates (like version changes) of plugins.

Tool Name

The name of the tool. It should be only one tool. Not a website or collection.

Tool Description

A short description of the tool. Keep it short and simple. Do not add frequently changing information like features, version, pricing, ...

Tool Website/Link

The link to the tool website. This has to be a direct link to the specified resource. Direct downloads (like linking to a ZIP file), generic websites, ... is not allowed.


Who publishes this tool? This is usually something like your name or your company name.


To which categories does your tool belong to? Select the minimum best describing categories.


On which systems does the tool run? If it's an application select the operating system where it can be installed. If it's a macro, plugin or other resource which runs inside the grandMA show-file, select the corresponding option. If it's a plugin, extension, settings-collection, ... to make another app work with grandMA, select the last option.


Select the compatible grandMA versions.

Initial Release Date

When was this tool releaced initially? Since when is it available?

Notes / Comments

Feel free to add your comments or notes.

Who are you?

Please add your name and email. This is only in case of additional questions to your request and will not be published.