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MasterClass Monday is a 30-minute biweekly, bite-sized social learning event where we watch a segment from MasterClass (via screen-share) and then discuss the ideas as a group! These sessions are open to everyone, and we'll be running two sessions (1) at 1:30 pm (Israel Time) & (2) at 1:30 pm (Eastern Time).

In this October 2nd session, we'll be watching & discussing the 12-minute playlist "Get Pumped Up" with various instructors (Malala, Chris Hadfield, Issa Rae, Howard Schultz, & more). They share sage wisdom about becoming your own biggest fan!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MasterClass Monday? MasterClass Mondays are a bite-sized (30-minute) learning event where we watch a business-relevant segment from the MasterClass platform via screen-share and then discuss it as a group.
Do I have to be a people leader to attend? No! MasterClass Mondays are open to ALL team members (the more, the merrier!).
How often do MasterClass Mondays happen? MasterClass Mondays happen biweekly.
Do I need a MasterClass subscription to participate? No, L&D will screen share their screen for the session, so you only need to show up, participate, & have fun!
How long are these sessions? They are 30 minutes long.
Can I sign up for one session, or do I need to sign up for all? You will be invited to all Q3 sessions (5 total) but you can accept the invites for the sessions you can attend.
Will MasterClass Mondays be recorded? These will not be recorded, as so much of the value from the sessions comes from the conversation during the live event.
I'm not in New Jersey, will they be available to employees outside the US? Absolutely, we will be running the sessions at 1:30 pm both local Tel Aviv time & Eastern US time!

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