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At, our vision is to x10 human productivity and creativity, and we understand the value our tool can bring to students on your growth and academic journey
Like you, we faced challenges in acquiring learning tools due to financial constraints in the past. It's a situation many students find themselves in, and that's why we're passionate about making our technology as accessible as possible.
While we're in the early stages of our journey at Saner.AI, we want to ensure that financial barriers do not prevent motivated students like you from accessing the helpful tool for your study. Therefore, we're pleased to offer you a discounted rate on our Yearly Starter and Standard Packages:
- Yearly Starter: Discount of 24$
- Yearly Standard: Discount of 60$
Currently, we are extending the same discount program to early users for their first year, so you can use the early user code in the payment page directly.
If students wish to apply these discounts for subsequent years, you need to fill in the information below before the subscription renews and we will reach out to you directly

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