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Your 2023 Edition Danforth/East York OFFICIAL Virtual Housewarming Gift Basket is here!

"Love your neighbour" Remember the days when a neighbour would bring a pie to the door when you moved in? Well....this is the 2020s version. And its way better than a pie! 🤣 In fact, this new and improved version has the most perks I have ever offered in all my years of creating this. Over 140 different vendors and growing each day. Everything from perks for homeowners to parents and even pet owners. New local businesses are adding their local promotions to the site regularly. The part I really wanted to do right is to make this very inclusive and also include those of you with home based and online businesses in the area also. Too often, these are excluded from local sites and they should have the same exposure as everyone else. On this platform, you do!
To make it even more fun and exciting, I have just added something new called The Vacation Gift Basket where I do several draws for exotic resort vacation stays around the world for those of you that buy, sell or refer someone who does. Your Virtual Housewarming Gift Basket is packed with a ton of treats that every homeowner needs. Once signed up, you will get your official Danforth East York ViP Podcast Perks card (physical access card) in the mail a few days later and let the savings begin. More and more local options are being added but the discounts are all over the country and even in the US. These 3 words describe how I feel about each one of you that live in this wonderful city. Born in Scarborough in the 70s and proud to have helped many make their moves in many communities across Ontario. As a proud resident of the Danforth for over 20+ years, I know how important it is to be connected to all the amazing people that make this community unique. This is the best way to describe why my approach is designed to protect your home value as if it was my own. Whether you live on my street or 5 streets down....we are neighbours. Join your neighbours & get the best local insights, key metrics you MUST know, updates and perks valued in the $1000s! PS Also focused on adding as many local businesses that I can and need your help. Sign up now and let me know if you know of any that I should add. Including YOURS. Think of it as having the power of 1000 billboards on 1000 highways.
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