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reignite PyroLink Program Application

reignite is an app where you can create your unique Gamer Identity through the use of stylish digital gamer cards, an in-depth user profile with games library and easy access to connect with each other within seconds through the Shuffle feature.
Outside of the app reignite is also a community and safe haven for their Pyros. The PyroLink is the ultimate program to connect each other, spend meaningful time and spreading the fire. Spreading the love and positivity, we will reignite the gaming world!
find out more: reignite Whitepaper

What is your Discord username? (or handle if you're still using the old system)

Active Pyros will have a higher chance to get selected. Join 👉reignite Discord

What is your Twitter handle?


What is your wallet? (for now it is optional)

We are still looking into crypto rewards as part of the program.

What languages do you speak?

What languages do you speak?

What Teams would you like to join?

What Teams would you like to join?

We want to get to know you!

What motivates you to join the PyroLink Program?

Tell us why you're awesome and why we should choose you.

Previous experience, talents, knowledge, passions, strengths, etc.

Any suggestions for reignite and PyroLink or anything else you want to tell us?

Did someone recommend you?

If someone asked you to join the PyroLink Program, please provide their Discord name/handle.