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Micro-Financing Funding Application form

Comenda is a form of micro-financing for inventory-based businesses. If your business requires a capital injection for the purchase of further inventory, Comenda will likely be a good fit for you.
We currently have up to $250,000 available in micro-finance funding from our pool of micro-investors.
With Comenda there is no equity stake in the business or interest re-payments. Investors invest in your inventory by providing capital for the asset purchase and profits are shared on the gross profit of each unit sale on a per unit basis.
To see if your business is a good fit for Comenda, please fill out the funding criteria form below.

What is the primary purpose of your funding requirement?

How many Product Categories/SKUs do you require capital for?
Note: Product categories/SKUs is not the same as number of items. It's actual individual product categories, eg Smartphone, Laptop etc

Using one of your Products/SKUs as an example, what is the total net cost of this product for a single unit (in $) to get it into the hands of the customer ? 

(Note: this cost should include sales, marketing, distribution and tax expenses broken down on a per unit basis)

What is the name of this Product/SKU?

What is the Gross Profit of this item (in $)?

How much of this Gross Profit per item are you willing to share with an investor (in $)?

What is the average turnaround time of this item. I.e. how long does it take on average from purchase of inventory to actual sale?

How many sales of this item have you had in the last 12 months?

On average, how many items do you order/produce/manufacture of this item at any one time?

Do you have proof of sales and costs that you can provide?

If you have proof of sales, please upload documentation here

Name of your company/business?



Phone Number (please add international dialling code)

Your Name?

Any other information you wish to provide or notes you wish to add?

If you have a pitch deck or a product brochure or similar, please upload it here

I accept that the information provided here may be shared with the potential pool of micro-investors

I accept that the information provided here may be shared with the potential pool of micro-investors