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Mentorship Application

Law of Attraction for Creators Mentorship Application for working with Tharyn Taylor

This application is for a FREE ~45-minute discovery session. Before proceeding, please read through my About Mentorship page. It will give you a feel for who I am and if this type of mentorship is in alignment with your goals.


Submitting an application does not guarantee a session. Requirements are:
- A basic understanding and exposure to the Law of Attraction Teachings of Abraham & Esther Hicks. You would know the 5 steps of creation, how you relate to your Inner Being, and how your emotional guidance system works.
- You are already creating or want to create within the Creator Economy or online-related business. Examples include artists, influencers, YouTubers, freelancers, coders, desginers, entrepreneurs, or e-commerce, etc...
- A basic proficiency with computers and technology.


At the end of our session, if we both feel eager to move forward, we will discuss what that looks like. There is no high-pressure selling involved.

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