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Become a volunteer with BIPoC Ukraine & friends in germany

We are BIPoC Ukraine & friends in germany, a Berlin-based mutual aid community focusing on BIPoC refugees from the war in Ukraine who don't hold Ukrainian citizenship and who therefore have been suffering extreme discrimination since having to flee Ukraine. Due to structural racism, they have been facing many difficulties trying to secure a stable life in Germany (residence permit, access to university, non-exploitative work, recognition of their documents, ... ). Our group is a hub for community support, info sharing, self-empowerment, active solidarity; We try our best to provide hands-on support and advice for groups and individuals. We also do activism, advocacy, lobbying, social media work, media work to raise awareness, protest, and try to effect change. Our work is situated in the context of previous and ongoing refugee/migrant struggles, in intersection and solidarity.
More info on, instagram @bipoc_ukraine, and twitter @bipocukraine; our email is [email protected].
In our group there are hundreds of people displaced from Ukraine but only very few active "volunteers" (people who have been in Germany longer and act in solidarity with newcomers, offering practical support etc). We definitely need more humanpower – we'd be happy if you're interested in joining us! There are many different ways to contribute – even if you don't speak German, even if you are not in Berlin, even if you can only work a bit online, even if you can't make a long-term commitment, ... We need people who can translate and/or write/edit texts (mostly German/English, but Arabic and French would be very helpful too), design, do basic online research, accompany people to appointments, who can help with relaxed German language learning / German conversation, who can help with WordPress, who can help with simple online tasks, reply to questions in the main online chats, ... If you want to support this community as a volunteer/accomplice, and want to support the struggle for equal rights for all refugees, thank you! Please get in touch with us through the form below:

Tell us a bit more about yourself

Short self-introduction, if you want

Is there anything you already know you would like to contribute? (e.g. webdesign, German language conversation, accompanying people to appointments, ... Of course it can also be something we haven't listed here yet!)

What languages do you speak and/or skills, access to resources etc do you have? a) Language skills: In terms of languages, we are looking for people who speak and write English, German, Arabic, French, Ukrainian, Russian, or other languages spoken by BIPoC refugees from Ukraine. If you have (professional) experience as a translator, interpreter, editor, writer, please let us know.

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b) If you have other skills and experience (e.g. in community organising, activism, painting banners, cooking for big groups, web design or graphic design, social media, coding, events production, video editing, press work...), or special access, etc that you'd like to contribute, please describe

Are you BIPoC (Black/Indigenous/person of colour) / marginalised on grounds of ethnicity/race/religious background and/or sexuality, gender, or dis/ability? (You don't have to give details)
Do you have refugee/migration experience? (You don't have to give details) If you are not a member of a marginalised community: Have you worked in anti-racist organising before? Where and when?

What are your availabilities? (for example: 2 hours a week, 1 day a week, only in a specific area or on a specific day, only online, only until October, only from mid-September, flexible, ...)

Anything else you'd like us to know? (e.g. accessibility needs, questions you may have, ... )

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