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Apply to Hoagie!

Are you interested in software engineering and want to join a community of like-minded people? Or are you looking for opportunities to take on new challenges and gain valuable project work experience?
Hoagie is a campus application hub and application development club with a focus on creating meaningful applications for the Princeton community. We recruit members for new projects every semester and we're on a constant lookout for new opportunities!
Currently, we have applications open to become a member of a club. Please select your top-choice position to start the application (the software developer and UI/UX designer application is the same, although you may want to answer the questions with your top choice position in mind).
You can also optionally apply to be an officer through the same application! Note that, in additional to organizational / role-specific responsibilities, officers also are expected to contribute to club development projects.
You can learn more about Hoagie in the platform FAQ and the club website.
If you have any questions, email [email protected].
What is the position you'd like to apply for?
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