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🕹️ Ganddee Buttons Configurator

Every shop has a unique URL on Ganddee. If you don't know it, you can find the unique URL of your shop by following the steps below:
1. Open Ganddee 2. Find your shop on the map and open the shop page 3. Click "Share" and click "Copy". This will copy the name of your shop and its Ganddee URL.
Now, fill this form using this sharing link to get the HTML code to add a Ganddee badge on your website that will link to your Ganddee page. Here is an example of where you can find the URL to your shop. Contact us at [email protected] if you need assistance. We're here to help!

Share text

Please paste here the text you copied by clicking on 'Share > Copy' on your Ganddee business page.

Select your coloring options

What color scheme do you prefer for the button?

Select the Action

What action would you like to drive via the button? More reviews? More likes? More profile visits?