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Raydium UI V3 Beta Bug Hunt

Welcome to the Raydium V3 Beta Bug Hunt! We appreciate your efforts in helping improve user experience and Raydium’s new V3 UI! 

Here are the rules for participation:

1. Submission: To participate, submit any UI/UX bugs or issues you find within the user interface. Each submission counts as one entry into the weekly reward pool. A “bug” includes any issue, functionality error, or design/UI problem that leads to a less-than-ideal user experience.

2. Translations are a work in progress and submissions for missing translations will not be considered.

3. Rewards Distribution: Rewards will be distributed weekly while the bug hunt is ongoing. 

   - 1 participant will receive 100 RAY

   - 10 participants will earn 20 RAY

   - 50 participants will earn 10 RAY.

4. Submission Screening: All submissions will be screened for authenticity, quality, duplicate entries, and completeness. Incomplete, very poor quality or fraudulent submissions will be disqualified from consideration.

5. Weekly Reward Distribution: Rewards will be distributed each week during the bug hunt to eligible participants via the wallet address submitted in the form.

6. Program Changes: We reserve the right to modify the rules and rewards of the Test Bounty Program at any time, with or without prior notice.


- By participating in the Test Bounty Program, participants agree to abide by the rules and conditions outlined above.

- Raydium’s V3 UI is in Beta! It has been tested but there are likely several unresolved issues that still exist. The Protocol is not liable for any damages or consequences resulting from participation in the Test Bounty Program. Users take part in the bug hunt on their own accord and take full responsibility.

- Participants understand that the Test Bounty Program is voluntary and does not establish any employment or contractual relationship with the Protocol.

- The Protocol reserves the right to disqualify entries and change conditions throughout the program.

Your information

Discord handle

Wallet address

Bug description

UI Version - can be found at the bottom of the settings panel (click the gear icon).

Bug type

Bug type



Please thoroughly describe the bug, including any actions that may have led to the issue. Please provide screenshots of bug in question when possible. If the transaction fails, you must share a transaction ID.

The Solana Network is congested. Please attempt to differentiate between congestion and dApp functionality errors.