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Venture Camp Interview Application

Launch your own business with traction this summer! (currently accepting interview applications)

Venture Camp is a summer entrepreneurship program for high school students interested in entrepreneurship, business, and startups. In 4 weeks, you'll go from idea to customers and/or revenue and found your own business.
Founding a business in high school is a great way to stand out when applying to college and internships. It demonstrates unique passion and drive and gives you a headstart on entrepreneurship and in your career!

Learn more about our programs:
Venture Camp Summer 2024 (S24): July 1st - July 29th 2024. Learn more about the schedule here. Application deadline: May 31st 2024.
Venture Camp Fall 2024 (F24): September 9th - November 18th, 2024. Application deadline: August 15th 2024.

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