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Builders of Titania Email List

This signup is for anyone who wants to stay in the loop of Builders of Titania. If you signed up for the allow list, you're already on this. If you're "still early" to this drop, you can mint up to 5/wallet at the link below without submitting this form. This email list helps me get information about you and stay in touch with collectors. Mint here:

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Missed the allow list signup?

Don't worry! If you own any collectibles of my previous collections, you'll be automatically added via contract snapshot 24 hours before pre-sale starts. This means you have to have one of these tokens in your minting wallet at the time of the snapshot to be counted. The snapshot will include all of my Abstract Art (JeffJag, JeffJag Edition, JeffJag zero one, etc),,,, and all my OS shared-contract collectibles.