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Bunga Azaadi Membership Application

Please only apply if you can make the commitment. This is a professional effort and the beginning of something that will evolve over time. I need only those who are serious about Azaadi and able to make time to be a part of this private network. Applications are accepted from anywhere in the world.
There may not be many of you, to begin with, or ever. This is fine since I am not looking for everyone to join, nor even a lot! Just enough. With the calibre of individual I am looking for, each Singh or Kaur is worth 125,000.
See for more info about Bunga Azaadi.
Application Process:
This application form will test your ability to commit time and effort to grapple with the subject area. We will also conduct an interview for you better understand what will be involved and ask any questions before committing, and for us to get an idea of who you are and your motivations. This a two-step process:
1. Fill in this form & write your summaries below
(!) ALTERNATIVE - If you have read the manifesto but don't currently have time to do these summaries, then if you can show us something equivalent (e.g. dissertations, essays or projects related to Sikhi), we can take that into account instead and just drill you more on Azadism specific questions in the interview to check familiarity with the content.
Send us an email evidencing this to [email protected]
Alternatively, contributing towards any Seva to help the Bunga out can also count towards an application. See what opportunities are available here.

2. Online Video Interview

Application Form

Please fill in the following information to apply for membership in the Azadism Think Tank.

(01) About You

(02) Azadist Manifesto

Every member of the Think Tank must have read the Azadist Manifesto. This is to ensure we have a standard starting place on which we can build on. You can definitely disagree with various aspects of it for sure, and the Think Tank will facilitate these debates.
However, to ensure we don't waste our time in trying to overcome fundamental clashes in world views I am currently seeking those who have at least some common ground for this. This is purely for the sake of time and focus, as you can debate me on that via other avenues, but the purpose of this Think Tank is different.
Please write a summary of each section of the Azadist Manifesto below. You can read it for free here:
(Physical copy is also available to order, which is available via the link above)

Section I: Self-Interest
Section II: Markets
Section III: Private Vs Public
Section IV: Taxes, Welfare & Safety Nets
Section V: The Role of Government

If you do not get accepted, please do not take this personally. This Think Tank is being designed for a very specific set of purposes. There may be opportunities later on for you to get involved in other aspects when they arise, so please do not feel disheartened.
Akaaal Sahai!