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Sign Up to Learn What Chemicals are Used in Fracking Wells Near You (OpenFF Consultation)

Use this form to register for an OpenFF Consultation with Gary Allison and Vivian Hill. Please review the following information to make the consultation is right for you before filling out the form.
Space is limited: we only hold 3 consultations per month, so please reserve your spot now before its gone!

What it is

A 1-1 on consultation call with Gary Allison and Vivian Hill.
Using OpenFF data, we'll provide a list of the chemicals used in fracking wells in a specific geographic area based on industry disclosures since 2011. The data set that we’re working with is limited to the chemicals used in fracking processes, which doesn’t include injection wells or other infrastructure.

Who this is for

Residents, organizers, advocates, and anyone concerned about the impacts of fracking chemicals

Data Limitations

- The OpenFF dataset provides a list of chemicals for fracking wells only
- Data set starts in 2011 and the data is more reliable from 2014 onward
- OpenFF relies on industry data and its accuracy is based on the industry’s self reporting.
- The data can also change sometimesThe data isn’t appropriate for use in a court of law
- The data is not comprehensive - A number of wells aren’t covered

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