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Snehasanks — Project Inquiry

Hey there, thanks for your interest in working with me! I'm eager to learn more about your project and how we might be able to work together.
I've put together this short inquiry form to hopefully save us both all the back and forth (scheduling, emailing, meetings — you get it). The more information you can share, the better it'll help me gauge if your project is a mutual fit.
PS. Below the form are 10 FAQs that might be helpful. If there's anything I've missed out, or you have a non-project question, hit me up at [email protected].

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In the meantime, here are some answers to FAQ:

What kinds of projects do you take on?
I specialize in assisting early-stage startups, tech companies, and ambitious founders with naming, brand strategy, brand design, web design, and visual work. I thrive when collaborating with small, yet opinionated teams in the early stages of a new venture, where there's equal parts ambiguity and enthusiasm.
My experience leading in-house design teams in tech unicorns, and working independently with founders has given me an insight into the nitty-gritty of startup teams and their design needs. I try and keep my processes agile, my communication frequent and your overheads low.
What does your process look like?
Buckle up! All projects begin with a thorough Discovery phase. This includes conducting research, interviews, workshops, and having conversations to ensure I absorb and learn as much as possible from you, your team, your company, and the industry at large.

If we're working on Naming, we will engage in workshops together and create a brief outlining what we're looking for in a name. We'll explore a long list of possibilities, narrowing them down to a few options that can be screened by your legal team, until we find the perfect name.

For Strategy, we leverage the valuable insights gained during the Discovery phase to generate potential strategic territories that create a compelling brand story and positioning. We accomplish this through prototypical copy, moodboards, and concepts that envision possible futures. We evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each option and collaborate to align on the brand platform—a framework that enables effective on-brand decisions across your company.

Next, it's time to bring our brand story to life visually. For Brand Identity and Website Design, we cast a wide net of ideas using moodboards and curated visual inspiration to narrow down a few distinct directions. We then explore these directions by developing their brand elements, including typography, colour, logo, and wordmark. We carefully consider how these elements work together in a cohesive system. We continue to refine the winning direction across various brand collateral and website designs. The project culminates when the brand comes to life in our final deliverables, ready to be launched. Everything from the brand strategy, design decisions, and usage guidelines will be thoroughly documented in our brand book.

This is an overview of a typical brand project. Based on your project scope, timelines, and budget, we will align on the phases, activities, and deliverables before we begin.

Where can I see your work?; If there's something else you're specifically looking to see, please email me.
What kinds of projects do you NOT take on?
Brand upkeep that is better suited for an in-house team, or long-term contractor. I'm also not currently looking for full-time roles—really out here trying to build my independent practice :)

If you're not sure if your project qualifies, don't hesitate to fill out the form or email me.

How long do projects typically take?
I tend to prioritise fuller projects with well-defined scope—from strategy through implementation, lasting 8–12 weeks.

How much do projects typically cost?

If the deliverables are clear, I'll quote you a total project fee. If we’re operating in a more embedded model, I'll quote a monthly rate and invoices will be based on actuals. The minimum engagement fee is approximately $15K, and $50K+ for larger scale projects.

If we choose to work with specialists, I'll additionally account for their fees. Needless to say, costs vary based on your project's scope, deliverables and timeline. 

Who will I work with?
Me! Most often, I work hands-on and solo, directly with the founding team, leading projects from discovery to delivery.
Based on your needs and if the project demands, I can also bring on specialists from my network. And before we kick-off, I'll get you introduced to everyone on the project team.
How will we be working together?
I recommend putting together a project team of 2–5 brand stakeholders, with 1 decision maker. The smaller the team, the bolder our decisions!
Throughout the project, the project team will be expected to help me with all the necessary context and information, actively participate in workshops, attend presentations and meetings and provide timely feedback. This is how I can ensure we co-create work that we all can be proud of.
What tools will we be using?
All work will be in Figma*, and all project milestones, docs, notes in Notion. For workshops, we'll use FigJam. For feedback, we'll use Figma comments or docs (Notion/GDocs). For communication, we'll use GMeet/Zoom (calls), and Telegram/Slack (chat).
If any of these are unfamiliar, don't worry—we'll go through everything during our project kick-off call.
*We may use other design tools, but everything is documented back in Figma.
What's your availability like? When can we get started?
I typically book projects 4–8 weeks in advance. Having said that, please specify your timelines and/or launch dates as part of your brief, I’ll get back to you with my availability in a few days.