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I give my opinion! I live or I work in Bordeaux metropolitan area

You live in Bordeaux metropolis and would like to share your ideas and opinions with us about the tourism and event activity on the area, we’re all ears!
We are committed to reading your messages, to debating about it collectively and to send you reports about what has been brought out. All your answers are anonymous.

Please select your residence or working area

Overall, would you say the tourism activity in Bordeaux causes…

Does tourism have a negative or a positive impact on the following aspects:

Overall aspect of the city

Historical heritage preservation and promotion

Local economy

Inhabitants’ quality of life

Environment and natural sites protection

Public spaces' cleanliness

Culture and leisure activities offer

City’s atmosphere and activities

Infrastructures (transport, sport/culture equipment...)

Do you agree with the following statements?

My city has to keep promoting itself in order to maintain this economic sector

My city’s tourism policy takes into consideration the impact on inhabitants’ lives

Developing private accommodation offers (Airbnb, Abritel, etc.) is good thing for my city

I would like to be more involved in the decisions regarding tourism in my city

According to you, in the future, should the metropolis attract more, less, or as many visitors with the following profile:

Tourists from my region

French tourists (from outside my region)

International tourists

Business tourists

Tourists coming for events

Would you say the health crisis has changed your opinion about tourism?

Tell us everything! Would you like to share with us a more specific opinion regarding the tourism and event activity in Bordeaux’s urban area? Do have ideas to share for us to improve this activity? Do you have ideas to create interaction moments between inhabitants and visitors?

Would you like to give us your email address in order to be informed of the following steps of this participative approach?