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Mya's Corner

(1 Free Trial Session)
Hi! Mya's Corner is a safe place for those who need support through their hard times. Currently in it's beginning phase, Mya's Corner provides up to one hour sessions with our Founder, who will provided resources and support for those seeking assistance in areas of life they are struggling in. Completely confidential, services are provided at a "as needed" pace and are geared towards the social work practice of Trauma Informed Care.
Why join? As someone who works in the mental health field and has lived through her mental health journey, Founder Mya wanted to provide a initiative that provides perspective clients with the support and guidance that she wished she had along her journey. An advocate for uplifting, Mya dedicates her career and personal life to ensuring that everyone she encounters gains the skills they need to live a more holistically healthy life.
What do you get? Up to 1 hour counseling sessions → Access to content and resources on participants designated concerns or crises.
What's the price? Free Trial Session, $15 afterwards