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Come join the Metafilter Variety Show!

We know Mefites are a talented bunch. If you have enjoy performing, have a talent/skill, or just an idea for entertaining us, sign up here! We're putting together an online variety show to fundraise for Metafilter - admission will be free with donations encouraged throughout.
Some ideas: music! poetry-reading! skits! stand-up comedy! magic tricks! And we're sure there's much more out there.

Your Metafilter Username / Name

Your Email

Description of your act or idea

Equipment / Technical needs

Do you need any particular technical support or assistance from us to make your act happen? If so, describe your requirements here.

Optional Section

It's optional to fill in everything from this point, but any additional information or materials you supply helps us when we announce and publicize the Show to our community.
A short written bio about yourself (3-5 sentences)
Profile/Bio/Main Image (upload a photo or graphic you feel captures your act)
Any links to previous performances (video / audio, etc)
Any samples of previous work (e.g. sound files, graphics, press)

Thanks for filling out the form! We'll be in touch.