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Review of the city

Please tell us about your experience in any city, in which you traveled, lived or live.

1. City
2. Country
3. How much did you like this city?
1 — did not like it at all, and 5— liked it very much.
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4. The quality of life
1 is very poor and 5 is excellent.
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5. What activities did you attend? Write a few words.
6. How many natural places?
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7. Safety
1 — very dangerous (for example, someone can rob on the street), and 5 — quite safe.
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8. To what extent is the urban environment suitable for pedestrians?
1 — not adapted, and 5 — very convenient for pedestrians.
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9. How well people speak English
1 — almost do not understand, and 5 — many people speak perfectly (for example, employees of a cafe or hotel).
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10. Number of opportunities for startups
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11. Number of interesting events and places in the city
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12. How pleasant is the climate for you?
1 — I don't like it and 5 — it fits perfectly.
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13. How easy was it for you to get a visa?
1 is very difficult and 5 is very easy.
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14. How green is the city? (Ecology)
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15. How accessible is the vacant job position?
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16. What was the amount of all expenses per month in dollars? No airfare
17. If you live in this city, what places do you recommend as a local?
18. What videos about the city do you recommend?
19. What’s the best taxi app in town?
20. What’s the best public transport app in city?
21. What can you visit and do in the night life in city?
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